Kush Yard Totem, Octavian Graphic Score 1, 2, & 3

2019 each of 3 installations: 112 plastic buckets, steel armature, sonic text 8 elements: 385 x 28,5 x 28,5 cm (each) installation with variable dimensions exhibited at Blickachsen 12


Celestial Vessel
RCA Victor Red Seal 45 rpm
vinyl records, steel, magnets,
oil paint, audio components
& sound-scape
(203 x 37 x 18 cm)

Commissioned by the
Nasher Museum of
Art at Duke University.
Exhibited in The Record
Contemporary Art and
Vinyl 2010

Rehearsal 2013  
SCAD Museum of
Art Savannah GA

Sonic Transmission

15 Microphones,
wood, cables, audio
components & soundscape  
(450 x 300 x 45 cm)

"Sonic Shadow" AKA Satch Hoyt  

Live at Berghain Kantine, Berlin
featuring Earl Harvin Drums, Dirk Leyers
Electronics. Video created by Satch Hoyt,
Jan Heinrich and Monika Martinez

"The Bakol"
In Praise of Sirius Shadow Boxers

Electro-acoustic trio featuring
Christina Wheeler and Greg Tate.
Video created by Satch Hoyt
and Jan Heineman 2015

Movements in Spinnista

Spinnista Gold 2013
Pigment and acrylic on paper,
(30 x 30 cm)
Installed as a suite of 100
individually framed works


Sonic Shadow Performance

The Academy of the Arts
of the World, Cologne 2016

Special Edition of the
Documenta in Athens and Kassel

Silent Green, Berlin, Germany 2017


The Back Beat

3 channel video projection,
3 minutes 34 second loop,
1080p 16:9, colour, sound,
audio components

Hair Combing Cycle

Performance Gallery
Wedding, Berlin, Germany 2015